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We have activity in Jewelry tools, machinery, equipment’s importing and distributing in Iran for more than 30 years. Our products contain Handmade, Casting, Drilling, Plating & Polishing, Melting, Etching, Gemology and Recycling fields.
Also, Technological changes have had a significant impact on all aspects of human life. The speed of these changes is felt more and better in Iran in recent years. The increasing use of the Internet and its prevalence has led to the speed, convenience and expansion of virtual communications. The benefits of this lifestyle are encouraging more and more people to experience it and make changes in common patterns.
So, we encouraged to establishing the Dambori website to create a change in the traditional style of providing goldsmithing equipment by using modern substrates. We seek to create a significant change in this industry by attracting experienced, creative, capable employees and also by applying new business methods.

The general objectives of the Dambori are as follows:
- Creating an optimal platform for buying and selling in order to increase customer satisfaction.
- Provide ways to increase sales and consequently reduce prices for the consumer.
- Facilitate the buying and searching process for customers' favorite products.
- Transform the e-commerce industry of goldsmithing tools.
- Training and excellence of human resources with the strategy of creating employment.
- Reduce urban traffic and help the environment and improve the quality of life of citizens.

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Central office: No. 3, Unit 22, Mohammad Beyk Alley, Jami St., Hafez St., Tehran, Iran
Phone number: +98-21-55164719 / 55163601
Store: No. H24, Ground Floor, Aghigh Shopping center, Akbar Nezhad (Darkhongah) Alley, 15th Khordad Ave., Tehran, Iran
Phone number: +98-21-55583129 / 55583297 / 55583419
Telegram: +98-9371621018 / 9120260371
WhatsApp & Cellphone: +98-9120260371
Email: dambourysite@gmail.com- novintejaratabzar@gmail.com
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